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Frosty Golf Balls

Frosty Golf Balls

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Chill your drink with style and savor the pure taste with our Frosty Golf Balls!

Pure Flavor Preservation: Enjoy your beverage without dilution. Our Frosty Golf Balls keep your drink perfectly chilled and full of flavor.

Eco-Friendly Choice: Infinitely reusable chilling balls. Elevate your drinking experience while supporting an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Effortless Maintenance: Always ready for use! Keep them in the freezer and give them a quick rinse after use. Simple and convenient.

Top-Quality Material: Made from 304 stainless steel, these chilling balls are perfectly safe and durable.

Enhance your drink with Frosty Golf Balls and savor every sip! 🥂⛳

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    • Chill Without Dilution

      Cool drinks to the perfect temperature without watering them down, preserving the full flavor of the beverage.

    • SS304_Test

      Quality Material

      Made of 304 stainless steel, they are durable and are safe for use in drinks.

    • Golf-Themed Design

      Unique golf ball design that appeals to golf enthusiasts and adds a fun, sporty twist to the drinking experience.

    • Easy to Use

      Simply freeze the golf balls before use, and then add them to your drink for quick chilling.

    • Reusable and Washable

      Simply give it a good rinse and they are ready to be chilled.

    • Ideal for All Drinks

      Suitable for chilling whiskey, scotch, vodka, wine, or any other beverage of choice without compromising taste.


    Cool Drinks, Cool Times

    Get our Frosty Golf Balls - a pack of four. They keep your drinks cold without adding water. Enjoy the full taste of your favorite drinks. These balls are great for those who love a good, cold sip.

    Stainless Steel Whiskey Golf Ball with Tongs

    Smart Ball Design

    Our Frosty Golf Balls have a golf ball inspired dimpled design. The textured surface maximizes contact with your drink for rapid cooling.

    Frosty Golf Ball_Gift Set Picture.jpg__PID:f2733dc6-59ea-43c3-801c-53656c4fce8f

    Easy Cool Set

    This set has four Frosty Golf Balls and tongs to keep things clean and easy. They don't change your drink's taste or smell. They look good and work better than old-style drink rocks.


    Stay Chill

    Our Frosty Golf Balls makes your drink cold fast. They're easy to use and look nice. They're just right for keeping any drink cold.